i am trying to run a Wicket Web-App with Terracotta 2.5.4 and Resin 3.1.6.

I saw a Mantis issue about classloader-issues that were fixed in 3.1.5, 
but i still get this when i try to access my webapp:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Classloader name not set, instances defined
from this loader not supported in Terracotta (loader: 

The server startup looks fine.

I followed the instructions from http://wiki.caucho.com/Terracotta with 
clean tc and resin installations, except that I didn't create the 
example webapp and used my own webapp.
I tried alot in the tc-config.xml but didn't get it working.

For wicket-support in tc i used
<module name="clustered-wicket-1.3" version="2.5.4"/>

What could possibly be the cause of this classloader problem?

thanks in advance,

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