On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 12:33:08PM -0700, jdk head wrote:
> Hi y'all,
> For an ajax push app...
> Has anyone had any luck with:
> A) integrating resin's comet support with GWT's server side - extends
> com.google.gwt.user.server.rpc.RemoteServiceServlet ?
>   • given they both seem to be servlet wrappers, any way can they play nice
>     together?


I've taken a look at this, but I think the work to do it would be pretty
involved from the GWT side.  Also, you probably wouldn't use the
RemoteServiceServlet on the server side.  In the case of Comet, you
either need to send a message to the client or invoke a procedure on the
client.  Thus what I'd like to see in GWT is the creation of a proxy
for an interface that's implemented on the client.  This whole problem
is much better addressed by HMTP: 


But I digress... :-) The real underlying problem is that GWT has it's
own RPC format for its RemoteServiceServlet and it needs to be reversed
to send requests to the client and return responses from it.  I think
there's a real opportunity for GWT to create a generic way to handle
this that would work with any Comet/server-push implementation.

> B) resin / continuations?
> C) resin comet / continuations?

I'm not sure why you would want to use continuations with Resin,
given its server-push architecture.  Continuations have nothing
to do with Comet per se, they are just Tomcat's implementation,
except that what Tomcat calls continuations are not.  Java doesn't
support continuations and Tomcat's attempt at them is closer to
SIMD programming than continuations.  SIMD is hard to get right
as a user.  I used to work on MPI, so I know how much difficultly
users have with the concept.

> Maybe comet would be all that's needed.  My main concern is trying to not chew
> up all the threads.

Yup.  Resin's server-push does this just fine.

> Also, any advice on the best way to configure resin to handle a lot of 
> sleeping
> concurrent requests?  Seemingly continuations might help out with the threads
> part, but what about the tcp connections?  Best handled with mod_caucho or
> resin direct?

Check out the latest snapshot.  It's got improvements for timeouts with
server-push and HMTP.  If you can avoid Apache, do it.  Apache support
is only for people who have existing installations with plugins not
available in Resin.  Using Resin's web server is much better integrated
than Apache with Resin.



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