>On May 19, 2008, at 11:14 AM, Maurice Volaski wrote:
>>Exactly how closing the issue get it fixed for me and the all the 
>>other users so affected? You've given me no feedback on how to 
>>debug it despite how trivial it is for me to reproduce it.
>Set logging to
>   <log name="" level="finer" path="stdout:"/>
>Also, make sure no other application is listening to port 6800.

OK, I have an answer, but note that is more to debugging than this. 
First, my resin.conf has four available entries for logging

<log name="" level="info" path="stdout:"
        timestamp="[%H:%M:%S.%s] {%{thread}} "/>

      - 'info' for production
      - 'fine' or 'finer' for development and troubleshooting
   <logger name="com.caucho" level="info"/>

   <logger name="com.caucho.java" level="config"/>
   <logger name="com.caucho.loader" level="config"/>

Second, I accidently put in "debug" instead of "finer" and learned 
there are more options:

off - disable logging
severe - severe errors only
warning - warnings
info - information
config - configuration
fine - fine debugging
finer - finer debugging
finest - finest debugging
all - all debugging

I also had "path" set to a file.

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