>On May 19, 2008, at 11:14 AM, Maurice Volaski wrote:
>>Exactly how closing the issue get it fixed for me and the all the 
>>other users so affected? You've given me no feedback on how to 
>>debug it despite how trivial it is for me to reproduce it.
>Set logging to
>   <log name="" level="finer" path="stdout:"/>
>Also, make sure no other application is listening to port 6800.

After extending the debugging, I immediately found the problem

[19:02:56.255] {main} Caused by: java.io.IOException: Cannot create 
directory: /usr/share/resin/admin

Once I changed ownership on /usr/share/resin to be owned by the resin 
user, the problem went away. My system is Gentoo Linux and the ebuild 
prepares the directories and sets their ownerships and permissions. 
So it seems the bug is here is Gentoo's default configuration, 
although it's not clear why resin tries to manipulate anything in 
/usr/share/resin given that it is started with -resin-home 
/usr/lib/resin. (I don't know why there even is a /usr/lib/resin; 
Gentoo sets it up that way.)

Also, it doesn't entirely make sense why this behavior occurs only if 
resin is started with "start".

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