>On May 19, 2008, at 3:23 PM, Maurice Volaski wrote:
>>After extending the debugging, I immediately found the problem
>>[19:02:56.255] {main} Caused by: java.io.IOException: Cannot create 
>>directory: /usr/share/resin/admin
>>Once I changed ownership on /usr/share/resin to be owned by the 
>>resin user, the problem went away. My system is Gentoo Linux and 
>>the ebuild prepares the directories and sets their ownerships and 
>>permissions. So it seems the bug is here is Gentoo's default 
>>configuration, although it's not clear why resin tries to 
>>manipulate anything in /usr/share/resin given that it is started 
>>with -resin-home /usr/lib/resin. (I don't know why there even is a 
>>/usr/lib/resin; Gentoo sets it up that way.)
>Thanks. That's definitely a bug. I've filed that as 
>The startup isn't putting some of the directories in the right 
>places.  Instead of creating them in resin.root, it's putting them 
>in resin.home.  Since resin.home should be read-only, that's

I am confused some. Gentoo sets up /usr/lib/resin as resin.home and 
but also creates /usr/share/resin  where it puts resin's "lib" 
directory and sets up /usr/lib/resin/lib as a symlink to that. So I 
am not clear on which directory is supposed to be resin.root. I don't 
see any configuration that's explicitly assigning it. Resin is trying 
to create "admin" in /usr/share/resin, which has write privileges 
only for root, not in resin.home, which is /usr/lib/resin/. 
Resin.home is owned by and writable by resin under Gentoo.

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