Has anyone else had issues using regex matching in the resin-web.xml file
for url forwarding?  I can't profess to be a regex expert, but I'm following
the regex examples I'm finding online but can't get my logic to take.
What I am trying to do is make the forward generic enough so that if someone
mis-capitalizes anything they still go to the right page.  I am using resin
3.1.3 pro on RHEL.

Here is what I am trying:

        <forward regexp="^/something/i"

the regex "/i" pattern modifier for case insensitivity fails to do
anything.  Isn't that standard regex?

If I do this:
        <forward regexp="^/something/"

This forward rule works for "http://domain.com/something/    <- case
sensitive, ending slash meaningful.

Any suggestions?  The online documentation didn't provide fruitful on this

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