Hello Friends,
In our project, we are using resin 3.0.23.

We were trying to writing a webservice client in a sample webapplication.

1. In web.xml , we are unable to specify the service-ref tag and we get
error while starting resin 
element start: service-ref

[09:58:17.119]element start: service-ref-name
[09:58:17.127]org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: <service-ref-name> is an
unexpected tag (parent <service-ref> starts at 92).
[09:58:17.127]</service-ref> is expected to close.
[09:58:17.127]<service-ref> syntax: empty

2. Contents of web.xml Entry.
<service-ref xmlns:impl="http://testws.example.com/"; >

So We thought of going through another mechanism of accessing Client
try {
QName serviceName = new QName("http://www.elephant.com/RP";,
         String endPointUrl = "";;
         URL wsdlURL = new URL("";);
         ServiceFactory factory = ServiceFactory.newInstance();
         javax.xml.rpc.Service service = factory.createService(wsdlURL,
System.out.println("Here service created");

catch(Exception  e) {
finally {

Here, i dont get the code executed after servicefactory.newInstance, I get
control directly finally.
Same code works fine in tomcat. I checked resin logs in debug mode, nothing
exception shown.

Is there any conflict between resin jars and axis jars of jaxrpc?

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