Hi All,

i am trying to get apache to dispatch requests to our resin backend.
i have setup apache the following way:
in global scope i have (yes, i do start apache with -D CAUCHO)
<IfDefine CAUCHO>
        LoadModule caucho_module modules/mod_caucho.so
        ResinConfigServer localhost 6802
        CauchoConfigCacheDirectory /tmp
        CauchoStatus yes
        <Location /caucho-status>
          SetHandler caucho-status

in the apache vhost config i have:
<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot /home/assembly/mat123_xms/app/docs
    ServerName app.xms.mat123.assembly.danskelearning.dk
    ErrorLog /home/assembly/mat123_xms/log/error_log
    CustomLog /home/assembly/mat123_xms/log/access_log common
    ResinConfigServer 6802

the resin.conf contains the following two sections

   <host id="app.xms.mat123.assembly.danskelearning.dk">
        <web-app id="/" 


      <srun server-id="" host="" port="6802"/>

I can see that resin is listening on port 6802. and i receive the X when 
connecting to the port using telnet. the resin server is working as expected 
in standalone mode (using port 8080). The module is loaded into apache, since 
when i start apache i see the following in my log
[notice] Apache/2.2.8 (Unix) Resin/3.0.25 configured -- resuming normal 

however connecting to http://localhost/caucho-status yields a 404 and the 
servlet mappings from my application are not served by resin.

works fine but 
does not.

i have tried to sniff traffic between apache and resin and it looks like 
mod_caucho does not even connect to resin (i am not sure about that however).

when compiling mod_caucho with debug enabled i, among other things, see this 
error on stdout:
config.c:898 can't open config path '/tmp/localhost_6802' (errno=2)
(That particular line is missing a \n in the code BTW)

it seems to me, like mod_caucho and resin dont communicate with each other. is 
there a way i can test the config that the resin server is outputting on the 
srun port?

i have also tried to get manual dispatching to work, but no luck so far. i am 
a bit at a loss as what to try next, so any suggestions are more than 

thanks in advance.
kind regards

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