Emil Ong wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 04:56:45PM -0700, bisoa wrote:
> The SOAP documentation that you may have found for POJOs may
> be outdated.  We recommend using a third-party SOAP stack for
> these purposes.  Some stacks that have been used and tested by
> other users are CXF, Axis, Axis2, XFire, and Metro/JAX-WS RI.

The problem with using third party produtcs together is with the
problems with sharing resources! What makes Resin cool is the
direct support of PHP that we can mix them in the same container
and share resources easily.

What we need is a very SIMPLE SOAP that supports POJO only.
We don't need bloatware SOAP that may not be compatible from
.NET, PHP, etc.

IMHO, this could be added very easily, and will make much attractive
option for many applications that need to support conventional
html, jsp, as well as SOAP access.


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