The current documentation on says that <jvm-classpath> is a
valid attribute or child of <server>. Yet, when I attempt to add a
classpath entry in resin.conf, I get the following:

com.caucho.xml.XmlParseException: /lsurf/xoom/conf/resin.conf:77:
<jvm-classpath> is an unexpected tag (parent <server> starts at 75).

75:     <server id="1" address="" port="53009">
76:       <watchdog-port>6700</watchdog-port>
77:       <jvm-classpath>/lsurf/xoom/conf</jvm-classpath>
78:     </server>

Along with a printout of the <server> schema, of which there is no
<jvm-classpath> entry allowed.

I'm using Resin 3.1.2, upgrading from Resin 2. With Resin 2, I passed
the classpath to resin with the "-classpath" command line option,
which isnt supported in resin 3.

How do I add classpath entries with Resin 3.1.2?

Thank you,

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