> Date: Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 10:20:12AM +0200
> Subject: [Resin-interest] Quercus + Scripting API memory issue [still present 
> in Quercus 3.1.6]
> Hi again,
> I tested Quercus 3.1.6 on Resin 3.1.5, and the memory leak is still there.
> As I'm not using PHP in production, just as a showcase, and it seems 
> nobody else is affected or cares about the leak, I won't probably be 
> doing further tests. I just wanted to do these last set of tests in case 
> the leak had been fixed in 3.1.6 and that explained the lack of response :).

There is a bug report for this issue here:

> Is there anything wrong in the code above that might cause the leak? 

Unless the PHP script explicitly instantiates or uses a Java object
there should be no possibility of a memory leak from a PHP script. If
the script is just using straight PHP then any memory leak is a Quercus

It is probably the case that the current implementation of the
javax.script api is not properly cleaning things up when the script api
is used in the pattern you described.

Great report, BTW.

-- Sam

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