HI List,

I have began to notice some strangeness when deploying my war files to my
production environment.

This is my scenario:
I have a 2 server clustered setup.  Resin 3.1.3 pro.  Previously, my
deployments for new versions was simply push out the new war file and wait
for the
watchdog to notice the file change.  Then resin would expand the file and
the server would typically restart in 10 seconds or less.

Lately, I have been plagued with extremely long re-start times.  And I mean
reallllly long.  On my last deployment, resin took roughly 20 mintues to
The output shows that resin appears to hang during the "expanding war file"
stage (or atleast that the message that appears before it hangs).
Eventually, after a long enough wait, the process gets past that step and
things expand and deploy properly.

In one instance, when this occurred, I decided not to wait for the on the
fly restart.  So i killed the java /resin process and started the process
from scratch.  The restart was still very slow.

I know I'm not giving a lot of info here, but I'm not even sure where to
begin tracking this down.  Anyone seen anything like this, or got any advice
how to track this down?

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