I upgraded to Resin 3.0.26 and while the problem has certainly eased in
frequency it has not disappeared. I have taken out the <always-save />
element. This wouldn't effect things would it?



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Sent: 17 June 2008 14:17
To: General Discussion for the Resin application server
Subject: Re: [Resin-interest] HttpSession.invalidate() doesn't

> I'm using resin-pro-3.0.25 in a three-server cluster with session 
> persistence configured using a MySQL database:
> <persistent-store type="jdbc">
>       <init>
>               <data-source>jdbc/session</data-source>
>               <always-load />
>               <always-save />
>       </init>
> </persistent-store>
> What I'm finding is that you can click logout up to 7 or 8 times 
> before your session actually gets invalidated. The implementation of 
> HttpSessionListener is doing its thing. The logout servlet is doing 
> its thing but from what I can see the req.getSession().invalidate() 
> call is NOT being respected.

I believe that problem is addressed in 3.0.26, issue #2485 reported in
the change log here:

> PS. I am loath to switch (back) to using clustered sessions as I've 
> had issues with random logouts and loads of timeout errors in the logs

> related to the internal Resin session store.

There were a number if cluster store issues reported in the 3.1 branch,
but the remaining issues in 3.0 have generally not been reported to us,
we found them by doing increased stress testing for the 3.1 release.

Take care,

-- Sam

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