I have an ear file with say 2 wars underneath it. These 2 wars share the 
same middle layer (EJB3 + hibernate)
and I want to map the 2 webapps to different hosts and only those hosts.

at the moment with an ear deployment I'm allowed

webapp1 -> somedomain.com
webapp2 -> somedomain.com/admin

I want to be able to do

webapp1  -> somedomain.com
webapp2  -> admin.somedomain.com

without having to redeploy my middle tier twice which would result in 2 
copies of all my session beans and hibernate etc.

I did find this thread 
but the resulting bug
at the end of the thread has been closed with no resolution needed. Does 
this mean the functionality will be present in
3.2 or not at all? I suppose taking the war's out of the ear and 
deploying them independently is possible but far from ideal,
as it raises issues of local vs remote interfaces and other deployment 


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