Hi list,

I've been trying to move our application from Resin 3.0.26 to Resin
3.1.6. I'm stuck with a major issue I cannot for the life of me solve.
Some help or assistance would be good.

Basically, our XSLTs have stopped working properly. Templates do not
seem to match. We use Saxon for XSLT transformations and I have
confirmed that it is definitely being used over Resin's own XSLT

The particular code that's failing looks like this:

Writer writer = new StringWriter();
Reader reader = null;
Transformer transformer = getTransformer(xsl);
Reader reader = new InputStreamReader(new
ByteArrayInputStream(xml.getBytes("UTF-8")), "UTF-8");
transformer.transform(new StreamSource(reader), new
return writer.toString();

Any ideas why upgrading Resin would break transformations?



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