We're currently at week 8 of our planned 8 week schedule, but  
regression fixes and load testing will take about another 2 weeks  
before the 3.2.0 release.  The 3.1.7 release would follow by a week or  

There's been a number of significant changes to low-level  
infrastructure in 3.2.0 which means we'll need to take extra testing  
care before the release.

The main changes are:

1. major rework of the socket and threading code to support comet and  
   1a. this has also enabled extra JMX data for connection monitoring.
2. major rework of the distributed sessions for handle dynamic  
sessions (and improve reliability)
3. replace internal cluster hessian communication with bam for  
distributed jmx
4. enabling of dynamic servers, i.e. adding servers without modifying  
the configuration files
5. basic infrastructure for remote .war deployment, using a vcs (git)  
for a reliability store
6. reworking of the distribution, e.g. merging all the api jars into a  
javaee-16.jar to make embedding easier

So, it will take some more time than usual to get the final release out.

-- Scott

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