On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 01:57:40PM -0700, Adam Allgaier wrote:
> We're having stability issues with our app running on Resin, characterized by 
> climbing memory usage, and 100% CPU utilization, and frequent server crashes. 
>  We're looking for an expert who will be willing to help us.  Any 
> recommendations on where we can find one?

Hi Adam,

If you're using Resin 3.1.x, you can use the profiler in the Resin admin
app to help you find the CPU utilization problem.  You can also do
thread dumps and heap dumps to help you get more information.  

If this doesn't help and your problem is related to Resin directly,
feel free to email me and describe your issue.  I can let you know
if Caucho support would be appropriate for your problem.  In general
though, we would be unable to help with debugging your application.

Take care,


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Chief Evangelist
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