We probably have a little over a week before the release.  The  
regressions are going fairly well, but aren't completely clean yet.

The snapshot has some interesting things that you might want to check  

* mail logging handler.  The mail handler will send emails containing  
any warning or severe messages in the log files (with a delay/batch to  
keep the mails sane.)  This handler is a good way to keep notified of  
anything unusual happening on the server.  See 

* /resin-admin updates and cleanup.  We've reorganized /resin-admin to  
group the most important information on the main page, and also added  
a basic graphing capability.

* BamClient and bam-service.  These are two easier interfaces for  
creating clients and servers for BAM messaging. 

* JSF debugging.  We've started on a debugging aid for JSF  
development, showing some internal information of the JSF state.

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