I am doing some research in order to set up various servers behind an 
Apacher server that is already working as a proxy. Apache now includes a 
mod_proxy_balance that I'm trying to use and it even includes some 
settings to be able to "stick" the sessions.

However, in order to decide which server to redirect the session it uses 
  the cookie value instead of the name so a sticky cookie session 
*value* of whatever.xxx will go to xxx.

I know that Resin can change the *name* of the session cookie but AFAIK, 
there's no setting to append the server/cluster id to the session value, 
or add a different cookie with some specific value.

Is that possible? I mean, can I set a cookie that changes with the 
server name, even if I have to set it manually at the resin.conf file? 
Or am I able to append some value depeneding on the server to the 
JSESSION id value?


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