Prior to version 3.1.x of Resin, it was possible to pass arguments to  
the script that started resin, typically -X and -D arguments that  
would get passed to the JVM.

As of version 3.1, this is now accomplished by using the <jvm-arg> tag  
in the resin.conf file.

As a developer, I like to be able run our code locally for testing/ 
debugging. But we have some pretty big caches that take a little time  
to load up during initialization, and often are not needed when doing  
local testing. So I put in some code that looks for a property and  
disables the caching if this property is set. Prior to Resin 3.1, I  
was able to pass this property in when I started up resin from the  
command line. To get the same behavior with Resin 3.1, I've created a  
copy of my resin.conf file named nocache.conf that has this extra  
property in it and I pass -conf conf/nocache.conf into the 3.1 httpd  

Since I don't often update my resin.conf, I can live with this, but I  
was wondering if there's an easier way to accomplish what I'm doing  
short of keeping two, nearly identical, versions of my resin.conf  


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