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I'm still in the process of trying to move our application over to Resin
3.1.6. I had an out-standing issue with incorrect SOAP responses coming
from Xfire 1.2.6. My SOAP responses follow this pattern:

<soap:Envelope  xmlns:soap="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/";
                <ns1:methodResponse xmlns:ns1="http://mynamespace";>
                                <firstElement xmlns="http://mynamespace";
                                <secondElement />
                                <thirdElement />
                </ns1:methodResponse >

Only firstElement has namespace declaration. This is incorrect. All
elements should have this namespace declaration.

I guess this is an bug with Resin's streaming XML implementation. By
configuring Resin to use STaX instead I solved the issue I was having.

Is this a known issue or should I log it?



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