I made an application that is a sort of catalog, and I use session 
variables to store for instance the last item displayed, the current 
page in the catalog etc.
At the beginning I used the url rewriting function to enable session 
even if the user does not accept cookies. But unfortunately this caused 
";jsessionid=" added in the Google/Yahoo etc. search engine links (which 
is not good at all for referencing the catalog)

So I removed the option, and now someone that block cookies will create 
a session at each request. The application works quite fine, but I 
wonder if this is good for performance...
Of course I store very little strings in the session, but I wanted to 
know if there is any variable somewhere that let me know if cookies are 
available, and then kill the session immediatly if the answer is no !

Thanks for any information.

Riccardo Cohen
Architecte du Logiciel
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