Resin 3.1.3 with Apache 2.0.52

While troubleshooting a site failing to respond, I've found many
connections remain in CLOSE_WAIT indefinitely, even after leaving
Resin shut down for hours.  Connections are between Resin and
Apache/mod_caucho on the server in question, or another load balanced
server.  Connections are only cleared by bouncing Apache.

I'm hoping someone has seen this and can recommend a fix, but haven't
found much help with Caucho bugs or internet searches.

  server1 app= – Resin srun 6804
  server2 app= – Resin srun 6804

And several connections containing:
tcp   1   0     CLOSE_WAIT
tcp   1   0     CLOSE_WAIT
tcp   1   0     CLOSE_WAIT


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