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> i also used the internet to check for my ipaddress it returned the same ip
> address for the 2 computer

If you are behind a NAT (network address translation) firewall you need to
open up the firewall for inbound traffic on the port you're inerested in
(8080 in your case).  Some firewalls can also do port mapping to take
incoming traffic on port 80 (default port for http) and forward it on port
8080.  That should make one server work.

To use several servers to back one website you need a load balancer.

and i also tried to use the command prompt and type in ipconfig to see my
> ipadd and nothing helps

I assume your two servers have different IP addresses.  Both different from
the external address of you firewall.

> am i doing something wrong?

I think reading a tutorial on TCP/IP would be in order.  This stuff has
little to do with Resin as an application server.

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