I am using Apache in front of Resin with mod_cacho to give requests to
Resin. My problem is that Resin seems to answer for all requests, making
Apache ignore whatever Alias/RewriteRules I set up. This may be related
to the fact that we are having a "ROOT" web-app (by using context-root
"/" in application.xml in a .ear file). I can not easily define all the
URLs served by Resin, as there are many (so I don't have a list of apps
to be served by Resin in the Apache config), but I do in some cases
really want to control what happens in Apache. How can I do that? I
tried changing the order of when mod_caucho is loaded relative to
mod_rewrite and mod_alias, but it did not help unfortunately.

Any ideas/hints?

PS: I'm using Resin 3.0.25 and Apache 2.2.3.


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