We're proud to announce the beginning of a new training program at
Caucho.  We've partnered with Marakana to do the first course, which
will be on Resin Administration.  I, Emil Ong, will be teaching the
course October 22-24 at Marakana's San Francisco facilities.  The space
is limited to 10 students in order to assure a good student:teacher
ratio.  If you sign up by Sept 7, you'll get a nice discount, so it's
worth your while to sign up soon to get a spot.

There's a page here with more information about the course, including a
detailed outline of topics to be covered:


You can also sign up for the course from that page.

This is just the beginning of our training program.  We're also
exploring other courses such as Development using Resin and an in depth
Quercus course.  Additional dates for this administration course are
also being considered.  Input on future courses is appreciated!

Thanks everyone and see you in San Francisco!


Emil Ong
Chief Evangelist
Caucho Technology, Inc.
Tel. (858) 456-0300

Caucho: Reliable Open Source
--> Resin: application server
--> Quercus: PHP in Java
--> Hessian Web Services

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