Hi all,

I'm really impressed and frustrated with Quercus at the same time.

My interest in Quercus is to be able run hybrid architecture and
transforming current php application in steps work on top of JVM,
moving business logic into Spring application.

As I have an existing application that is written on top of
CodeIgniter framework, I've noticed that there are some funny - and
hard to track - problems that come with using Quercus instead of
mod_php. Sometimes Quercus gives null pointer exception, sometimes
compains about UnsupportedEncodingException. These errors were not
present in previous version of resin, though I did not get the code to
work completely in there too - but almost.

Debugging php code in this setup is really hard, since I have to just
go around the code and guess - where the error might be, as Quercus
does not give any hints about the offending code in php. My strategy
has been to insert exit('marker')s into code flow to see about where
the error happes, but this is quite slow and irritating too.

Are there any best practices, debug configurations or any tools that
would help me in my job to transfer the software to run on top of

My apologies if this is a newbie or silly question, since it is only
my second day getting to know Quercus and resin .-D


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