Same question as Heimo had - how can I get more information on the php 

I just installed the latest stable DokuWiki under 3.1.7 and get a lot of 
regex exceptions output - but no hint or information what the problem is.

Is there a way to put Quercus into a slow debug mode where you could see 
at least what function was called before the Exception occured?

Are there any PHP error messages logged to error_log? I can set it in 
resin-web.xml, it is shown to be set by a call to ini_get_all() - but 
the file is never created, never gets any lines.

If I call phpinfo(), I can see that the WEB-INF/php.ini is used. I tried 
to change the filename by setting 
<ini-file>WEB-INF/php.change.my.name.ini</ini-file> anywhere I can think 
of, but it never changed in the phpinfo call. Is this by design?

I have put a small php.ini file into any WEB-INF dir that was not fast 
enough to escape my bombing run - but whatever values I change, they 
never change in the output of ini_get_all(). Is this by design?

Or did I just miss the bit of documentation that tells me which settings 
I can use and which are ignored?

I'm confused - hope you can give me some hints :)


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