I just tried on linux ubuntu and have the same behaviour.
Thanks for any help

Riccardo Cohen wrote:
> Hello
> I run resin 3.2 on macosx 10.5 and found the way to build a 100% utf-8 
> application. But I recently found a new problem.
> When my form is with method="GET", I have all non-ascii characters 
> correctly encoded in utf8.
> But if I change to method="POST", then all non-ascii chars are badly 
> encoded.
> The application can be downloaded here to test this : 
> http://www.architectedulogiciel.fr/download/testutf8.zip
> (the resin.xml is in .administration folder, and the database script is 
> in database.sql file)
> Thanks for any help.

Riccardo Cohen
Architecte du Logiciel
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