Hi all,

I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with my tests with resin
and quercus - and have started to wonder, whether licencing the pro
version would actually be worth it - if nothing else, then just to
support the development :-D

What is the general feeling among people using Resin: do you use pro
version or manage with open source versions? Have you been happy with
the nromal support , or have you invested in priority support?

I've previosly been using mostly Sun Glassfish, but Resin has some
neat features and small footprint to be very interesting tool to be
used. My main interest though for Resin is Quercus - the ability to
use php-frontend with existing skillsets from contractors, and build
robust Java-backend. And eventhough Quercus can be used in other
appservers too, the fact that it would be supported and tested on
resin weights a  lot.


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