The pro version runs quicker thanks to jni I think... I use pro version 
only. (I also like to support dev team !)

Heimo Laukkanen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with my tests with resin
> and quercus - and have started to wonder, whether licencing the pro
> version would actually be worth it - if nothing else, then just to
> support the development :-D
> What is the general feeling among people using Resin: do you use pro
> version or manage with open source versions? Have you been happy with
> the nromal support , or have you invested in priority support?
> I've previosly been using mostly Sun Glassfish, but Resin has some
> neat features and small footprint to be very interesting tool to be
> used. My main interest though for Resin is Quercus - the ability to
> use php-frontend with existing skillsets from contractors, and build
> robust Java-backend. And eventhough Quercus can be used in other
> appservers too, the fact that it would be supported and tested on
> resin weights a  lot.
> -huima
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