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> This is a great argument for using Quercus that we've been making for
> years.  It's good to hear someone else make it independently.  I may
> just quote you if you don't mind...

Not at all.

Quercus is very good idea bringing more productivity and people to the

It would be great if Caucho could convince people from some of the php
frameworks to work with you and test their frameworks on top of
Quercus runtime besides just working with mod_php. It could be a good
win-win situation for all the parties and also a way into the
enterprise market for some of the frameworks. Currently I'm testing
the code igniter framework - as our project is based on it - but will
some day try to do something also with Zend framework, as it has a
better featureset inside the framework itself and has commercial
backing from the Zend corporation.


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