Thx Emil for helping me in a jam again!!!

So how do I "ID" the user? Session? Do the 2 servlets(hessian regular 
and comet) share a session?

So in a "regular hessian" I can pass and set "session set userID = "123" 
& roomId = "456".
Then "comet hessian" comes in and gets those out of the session if they 
 From then on the 2 would be "locked".
That works?


Emil Ong wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 08:53:25PM -0700, Vic Cekvenich wrote:

>> There has to be a way to hack hessian to pass a param to the comet 
>> servelet... hint?
> Try this:  Create a bean that shared between the comet servlet and a
> Hessian POJO/servlet within the same web-app.  Send data upstream to the
> regular servlet, have the servlet put the data into the bean, and the
> comet servlet picks it up.  The nice thing about the comet servlet in
> its current API is the CometController lets you wake it up from either
> the bean or the other servlet.
> Emil
>> doing standard things, like this from Flex:
>> _push= new HessianStreamingService("pushReg"); //servlet
>> _push.responder=this;

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