Thx Emil for helping me in a jam again!!!

So how do I "ID" the user? Session? Do the 2 servlets(hessian regular and
comet) share a session?

So in a "regular hessian" I can pass and set "session set userID = "123" &
roomId = "456".
Then "comet hessian" comes in and gets those out of the session if they
>From then on the 2 would be "locked".
That works?


Emil Ong wrote:

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 08:53:25PM -0700, Vic Cekvenich wrote:

There has to be a way to hack hessian to pass a param to the comet
servelet... hint?

Try this:  Create a bean that shared between the comet servlet and a
Hessian POJO/servlet within the same web-app.  Send data upstream to the
regular servlet, have the servlet put the data into the bean, and the
comet servlet picks it up.  The nice thing about the comet servlet in
its current API is the CometController lets you wake it up from either
the bean or the other servlet.


doing standard things, like this from Flex:
_push= new HessianStreamingService("pushReg"); //servlet
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