OK, that did not work!!!

To recap:
I am trying to pass some value to hessian comet from action script.(ex: 
member id & string "room name"). Since from .as you can't pass a param 
to the hessian comet servlet (I wonder why?) and there is no BAM example 
for action script(and I do not know if BAM works on port 80) Emil 

>>>> Try this:  Create a bean that shared between the comet servlet and a
>>>> Hessian POJO/servlet within the same web-app.  

Passing data via application scope works as Emil said... but there's no 
way to ID what user that is, so that the right users info is passed. 
(the examples register socket to action script, but no way to ID the 
user)(if I put it in the app context ... what if another request comes, 
I have not unique id, not sure how to tell in hessian coment what user 
that data goes w/).

Ex: Using the regular hessian to pass some data via user's uniqe session 
w/ .as I do:
        ServletRequest request = ServiceContext.getContextRequest();
        HttpServletRequest req = (HttpServletRequest) request;
        HttpSession ses = req.getSession(true);
and put data in ses.

Then comet Hessian I do this:
        HttpServletRequest req = (HttpServletRequest) request;          
        HttpSession ses = req.getSession(false);
to get the data. It tells me the session is not there, but I did call 
the 1st "servlet" already.

My requirement is to "register" a user to a "room" and be able to push. 
Again, if I can pass data to comet for .as, good, which I can't. Or if I 
can make a a user session in regular hessian, and access that user 
session in comet hessian. Or something else.



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