We've been moving from Solaris 10 64-bit to RHEL5 64-bit for our resin 
instance.  They're both virtual servers on vmware, so hardware is 
similar is some ways.  The initial compile of any of our code takes 
forever for the first time.  A single war file of 120k takes about 140 
seconds for it to compile.  The box does not appear to be CPU or memory 
bound.  We've tried running resin with the JAVA_HOME on a slow NFS 
filesystem and on the local filesystems but that didn't change compile 

We're running java 1.5.0_14, but I also tried with java1.5.0_15 and 
java1.6.0_07.  java1.5.0_15 had no performance increases and 
java1.6.0_07 threw 500 errors.

And I tried setting the compiler to jikes1.22 but we started getting 500 

We're not running the pro version of resin, but we weren't running the 
pro version of it on Solaris either. 

Does anyone have some suggestions?


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