Hi All

We are going to upgrade our application from Resin/3.1.s080304 to 3.1.7a 
and encountered some issue about deployment.

The application is bundled as standard ear file with large number of 
session beans and 4 web apps,  annotations are used extensively so there 
is no ejb-jar.xml file.

Currently (Resin/3.1.s080304) we setup ear deploy as following in the 
resin conf.

            <ear-deploy path="deploy">

Prior 3.1.7a version,  resin is able to pick up ejb module from 
application.xml, scans annotation and starts these session beans 
But in 3.1.7a (3.2), seems we have to specify each individual ejb as 
bean type inside ejb server, like following to get ejb startup and 
injected into JNDI tree.

                     <bean type="ejb1ImplClass"/>
                     <bean type="ejb2ImplClass"/>

Is ther any changes or I missed some parts? Any suggestion will be 
highly appreciated.

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