Hi there,
The same thing is happening to me, and the combined with the Ant Groovyc 
task not checking if the file has been modified or not and always 
recompiling, it's quite a pain.

However, if I'm not mistaken, I think hotswapping is "enabled" by Resin 
but provided by Java itself, so we might have to look for the 
cause/solution at the JDK level.


bumzee escribió:
> By ruby, I assume you mean Groovy and no, the Groovy classes don't implement
> the servlet API.  They are not Groovlets and the context restarts when a
> change is made to a groovy class even when all of the method signatures stay
> the same.  
> It restarts the context no matter what the change
> Angel, Eric wrote:
>> I'm not all that familiar with Ruby, but do your Ruby classes implement
>> the Servlet api somehow?  Usually, the context has to restart when your
>> servlets change signature. 
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>> I use intellij 7.0.4 as my ide ,  resin 3.15, groovy 1.5.1 &  JDK 1.5
>> and whether i use the resin plugin or start resin stand alone w/remote
>> debugging enabled, if I modify any groovy class the context restarts.
>> However, if I modify a java class it's changes are reloaded w/o a
>> context restart.  
>> Is there anyway to get hotswap to work w/groovy classes the same as it
>> does for java classes ?

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