Yeah, it works for me too all pre-compiled, but I'm trying to get a better
development environment.
Resin will compile your java classes and reload changes and supposedly do
this with groovy too, but I've not been able to get it to work.

bumzee wrote:
> Is anyone successfully using Groovy with Resin ?  
> What does your resin.conf look like ?
> This is on the resin website, but it doesn't work for me in 3.1.5.
> When it gets to a groovy file the compilation just stops or times out.
> resin.conf
>   <web-app-default>
>      <class-loader>
>        <compiling-loader path="WEB-INF/classes"
>                          compiler="groovyc"
>                          source-extension=".groovy"/>
>       </class-loader>
>   </web-app-default>

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