you checked all the obvious stuff like iptables config, etc.?  I use
vmware ws for resin dev, running FC6.  works good.

Michael Prescott wrote:
> I've installed Resin 3.2.0 in a minimal CentOS running inside VMWare
> Player 2.5, but I can't hit the running Resin in the VM from the host
> machine.
> The VM is running in 'Bridged' mode, so it grabs a DHCP-assigned IP
> address for the local LAN.  I can SSH into the VM through that IP
> address.  I can also wget content from resin from within the VM, so
> resin is clearly running.
> Is there anything in the default resin.xml that would cause this?  All
> of the address attributes look okay.
> Any ideas appreciated!
> Regards,
> Michael
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