Well I simplified a bit too much. The same servlet handles POSTs from
two different servers, one using UTF-8 and one (the local) using ISO-8859-1.
So I cannot assume it is always UTF-8.

My best shots so far:
- Add a parameter telling what encoding is used and re-encode strings
manually when needed.
- Look at the referrer header to see what server is posting...


Andrea Sodomaco wrote (2008-10-17 11:24):
> You can insert this in your page
>     request.setAttribute("caucho.form.character.encoding","UTF-8");
> Mattias Jiderhamn wrote:
>> How would I go about posting a form on a page using UTF-8 encoding to a
>> Resin instance using ISO-8859-1 encoding...?
>> Resin does not seem to support the hidden "_charset_" parameter workaround.
>>  /Mattias

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