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Resin 3.2.1 is the development branch and is subject to large changes  
for each revision, including a fairly high probability of introduced  
bugs.   The Resin 3.2.x branch is the working branch for the upcoming  
JavaEE 6 specifications.  Since those specifications are still in the  
early draft stage, even the APIs may change from revision to  
revision.  Most deployments needing more stability will want to use  
the Resin 3.1.x branch.

Resin 3.2.1 had three major changes: Quercus fixed a large number of  
accumulated bugs, the Hessian 2.0 draft and implementation had a major  
bytecode revision, and OSGi has been introduced as a mechanism for  
managing jars, libraries, and services.

1) Security - two potential security issues fixed in 3.2.1:
   *) a potential denial-of-service issue with mod_caucho and virtual  
hosts (main symptom is a very large /tmp/localhost_6800 file)
   *) a potential XSS issue with Resin's 404 involving UTF-7.

   We're also working on a 3.0 release for early next week including  
those fixes.

2) Quercus.
   *) We've added Moodle to our focus applications (Mediawiki,  
Wordpress and Drupal).  Moodle is an academic courseware framework  
that has become very popular.
   *) Many, many bug fixes.

3) Hessian 2.0
   *) We're revising the Hessian 2.0 draft so we can finally submit it  
to the IETF.  The changes in the bytecode allocation are not  
compatible for earlier versions of the Hessian 2.0 draft, so you will  
need to update both clients and servers for Hessian 2.0.

4) OSGi support
   *) We're treating OSGi as a versioning manager for Resin's class  
loaders and jars, and as a service manager.  Each web-app has its own  
OSGi manager serving jars and services.  We'll be writing more details  
on how this works in the next few weeks.

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