Hello *!

For some reason, Resin 3.1, when responding with 304 due to
sendError(SC_NOT_MODIFIED), is going to reply with the header
Content-Length = zero:
        0x0030:  068c 94f5 4854 5450 2f31 2e30 2033 3034  ....HTTP/1.0.304
        0x0040:  204e 6f74 204d 6f64 6966 6965 640d 0a53  .Not.Modified..S
        0x0050:  6572 7665 723a 2052 6573 696e 2f33 2e31  erver:.Resin/3.1
        0x0060:  2e37 610d 0a45 7870 6972 6573 3a20 4672  .7a..Expires:.Fr
        0x0070:  692c 2031 3920 4465 6320 3230 3038 2030  i,.19.Dec.2008.0
        0x0080:  323a 3036 3a30 3720 474d 540d 0a45 5461  2:06:07.GMT..ETa
        0x0090:  673a 2022 3669 566e 4c56 2b66 4958 4922  g:."6iVnLV+fIXI"
        0x00a0:  0d0a 436f 6e74 656e 742d 4c65 6e67 7468  ..Content-Length
        0x00b0:  3a20 300d 0a44 6174 653a 2054 6875 2c20  :.0..Date:.Thu,.
        0x00c0:  3138 2044 6563 2032 3030 3820 3232 3a30  18.Dec.2008.22:0
        0x00d0:  363a 3036 2047 4d54 0d0a 0d0a            6:06.GMT....
In fact, this isn't compliant with HTTP 1.1 specification, which reads:
[10.3.5] If the conditional GET used a strong cache validator (see section 
the response SHOULD NOT include other entity-headers. Otherwise (i.e., the
conditional GET used a weak validator), the response *MUST NOT* include other
entity-headers; this *prevents inconsistencies* between cached entity-bodies and
updated headers.

And, in fact, it broke our mod_accel, which responded to client with 200 OK,
Content-Length: 0, following with full body ....JFIF...., and was very 
surprised when
client dropped connection.

I understand that using mod_accel == DINOSAUR! in 2008, but still, why does 
do that? There's a special section in 
line 365:
    else if (statusCode == SC_NOT_MODIFIED || statusCode == SC_NO_CONTENT) {
      hasContentLength = true;
      os.write(_contentLengthBytes, 0, _contentLengthBytes.length);

      if (debug)
        log.fine(_request.dbgId() + "Content-Length: 0");
After I've commented that, front-end ceased malfunction and we didn't see the 

Still, is there a reason the above code is included? Maybe there's a useful 
client which
fails to work properly when it see 304 without content-length? Or it's just a 
rudiment and
can be removed?

Thanks for suggestions!

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