I have Railo/Resin and IIS6 working together except for a particular scenario. The server is currently hosting our Intranet. Users are accustomed to typing "intranet" (no .com, .local, .foo) in their address bar, pressing enter and seeing a default document. In IIS, we simply set the web site to route on the host header, which worked fine. However, it seems that Resin doesn't see "intranet" has a valid host. Here is why I think it...

As found in the documentation, it's my understanding that situations where you previously routed via host header (IIS), you must now add a declaration in the resin.conf file. Here is what I'm using...

<host id="intranet" root-directory=".">
<web-app id="/" document-directory="e:/inetpub/wwwroot/Intranet"/>

However, this results in a 404 when attempting to access a .CFM file (static files load fine). If I change the host id to "internet.com", I'm able to execute .CFM files correctly. Was my assumption correct? If so, is there a work-around, even if "intranet" may not fit the definition of a host name. If my assumption is wrong, could anyone shed any light on where I might have made a mistake?

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