I just typed a lengthy email but gmail ate it. I'll try to cut to the point. :)

I've just installed/configured Railo 3.0, Resin 3.1 and IIS6 to work together but ran into a snag on an odd-ball scenario. Our users are accustomed to typing "intranet" into their browser, pressing <enter> and viewing the default document. IIS6 allowed us to use "intranet" as a valid host name in the header, and therefore routed accordingly. It seems that Resin doesn't allow us to do the same thing?

It's my understanding that I need to declare sites that route based upon a host name in my resin.conf XML file. This is what I added...

<host id="intranet" root-directory=".">
<web-app id="/" document-directory="e:/inetpub/wwwroot/Intranet"/>

This results in a 404 error from IIS when attempting to access a dynamic template (.CFM in this case). However, if I change the host id to "intranet.foo", I'm able to retrieve .CFM templates (I'm altering my HOSTS file so I'm hitting the same machine). It seems that Resin requires an extension on the host? Is there a work-around for this?

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