Hello all,

I have a URL that I would like to permanently redirect.  The original is:


and I want to redirect it to


In my resin.conf file, I have this code which does not work:

      <moved-permanently regexp="^/confirm/" target="/account/confirm/"/>

The result is that my application still gets the request for /confirm.
 I tried adjusting it to this (dropping the ^ character):

      <moved-permanently regexp="/confirm/" target="/account/confirm/"/>

In this case I get a circular redirect, a neverending URL like

http://localhost/account/account/account/account/ ...

where the /confirm/ is replaced by /account/confirm/, indefinitely,
until the browser gives up.  This is what I would expect.  But I
haven't any idea why the first one is wrong.  Surely I am missing
something very simple... Any help much appreciated, even a log level
that might shed light on this (I tried some work with this but wasn't
able to find any useful output).


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