I am trying to run a simple java test app on the BB simulator (JDE 4.6.1). It
is the usual intro test code. I am running resin pro 3.1.8, have tested that
the hessian servlet is working by running a hessian client test. The micro
hessian jar file I created by compiling on the BB JDE by pulling the 5
classes from the resin source (hessian 3.1.6, no 3.1.8 release of Hessian?).
Everything loads into the simulator with no errors; using the debugger, I
can step up to the out.flush call. Remove the out.flush call, it hangs on
the openInputStream call. The exception has a bytesTransferred field whose
value is 0. No IO is happening. Anyone been here?

        HttpConnection c = null;
        try {
            c = (HttpConnection) Connector.open(url);
            OutputStream os = c.openOutputStream();
            MicroHessianOutput out = new MicroHessianOutput(os);

            os.flush(); // hangs on this call, eventually times out with a

            InputStream is = c.openInputStream();
            MicroHessianInput in = new MicroHessianInput(is);
            String value = in.readString();
            } catch ( ...
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