On Feb 10, 2009, at 2:59 PM, Aaron Freeman wrote:

> I have a question about the one of the annotations in the Comet demo  
> at:
> http://www.caucho.com/resin-3.1/examples/servlet-comet/comet
> I am not too familiar with Java's annotations, so I am wondering how  
> I can
> get access to the _timerService, which is declared like:
>  @In private TimerService _timerService;
> I would like to create a JSTL custom tag, for example, that can  
> access the
> _timerService.  What does @In do?

I've updated the example at http://caucho.com/resin/examples/servlet-comet 
.  The example has been disabled because caucho.com isn't running the  
latest snapshot yet.  (Possible upgrade this weekend)

The META-INF/beans.xml triggers a scan of all the classes to register  
the beans.  For the TimerService, I've marked it as  
@javax.context.ApplicationScoped, which means it has the same lifetime  
as the <web-app>, i.e. it's essentially a singleton.

The TimerService has a default binding type of @javax.inject.Current.   
You use the binding annotation wherever you want the TimerService (as  
long as the class is managed by Resin).  Since JSP tags are managed by  
Resin, you can use @javax.inject.Current in a JSP tag definition's  
field to get a reference to the TimerService.

With the latest Java DI spec draft, a bean/class like TimerService  
does not automatically get a name.  So it can't automatically be used  
by a JSP/JSF EL expression.  To register the bean with a name for EL,  
you use @javax.annotation.Named on the class, like:

public class TimerService {

Then ${timer} will refer to the timer instance.

> Do I just have to create a getter method that returns TimerService?   
> That
> wouldn't seem to work unless TimerService is a singleton -- but it's  
> not
> declared statically.

Correct.  TimerService is basically a singleton within the context of  
a web-app.  You should avoid static singletons because of classloader  

-- Scott

>  I am thinking I can solve this easily with
> annotations, but I just don't understand them quite yet.
> Thanks,
> Aaron
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