we have an application which uses a 3rdparty filter, which of unknow
reason puts a none serializable object in session.

efter changing from 3.0.13 to 3.1.8, and updating java from  1.6.0_04
to 1.6.0_07 resin startet writing

*SessionImpl[bac0M2BWFJQkahtIxe3_r,]: failed storing persistent
session attribute 'NtlmHttpChal'.  *Persistent session values must
extend java.io.Serializable.

This is ok. But we find it a bit strange that this first startet after
upgrading to resin.

So we would think by adding the ignore-serialization-errors tag, the
file would error would not come any more. But it still comes. And the
session does not seem to move from one node to the other. If we dont
use the 3rdpary filter, the session gets distrubute corretly.

Any known issues of the ignore-serialization-errors not working?

Thanks Nikolaj

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