I have an webapp that we deploy in Resin that does a whole lot of LDAP queries.

As the application is written right now each query creates a new
connection, performs the query, and then drops the connection. This
takes on the order of 300-500ms. We're querying attributes that are
indexed, and the queries themselves return results very quickly - it's
the connection bring-up and tear down that takes so long. This wasn't
much of an issue until we started throwing AJAX-y bits in there that
do things like autocomplete fields based on LDAP queries.

Obviously, this is the sort of thing that connection pooling was made for.

I have started digging looking for examples of how to use LDAP
connection pools, and it occurred to me that Resin may have something
like this already built in, very similar to JDBC datasources.... more
than once I started implementing something only to realize that Resin
already had that functionally built in.

I've been searching at the docs feverishly, but I'm not completely
sure if I'm understanding what I'm reading.

Does Resin have functionally built-in to do high-performance LDAP
connection pools? We need to be able to bind to the directory as an
authenticated user to perform our searches.


- Matt

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